Monday, February 04, 2013

Litspiration Challenge #2

So! Again, I have my official "litspiration challenge" for the term, a.k.a. something awesome about books. The requirement is just one per term, but I've done way more, but this post is the one I have chosen because I did it with the requirement in mind.

Anyways... I have chosen to do a compilation of songs which I played in the ukulele and for some I sang too, and the point is to connect to the book Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, as the main character, Stargirl, plays the ukulele to spread joy and happiness :).

Happy Birthday
Throughout the book, Stargirl plays Happy Birthday in the cafeteria in hopes of spreading her joy on everyone's birthday. Therefore, it was a given for me to include this song, as it is where Stargirl's ukulele plays its role in the story!

Over the Rainbow
Melody: Generally a positive, hopeful, major tone, but edgy, minor chords do come in at some parts, creating a perfect balance of emotions to reflect the fact that Stargirl appears happy to the world, though deep down, she is troubled by various things.
Lyrics: The song refers to "somewhere over the rainbow", and the wonderful place their, and I think this relates to Stargirl because that world over the rainbow is her world, where things are happier, more creative, and so very unique. Another line that really reflects Stargirl is "where troubles melt like lemon drops", as I believe this reflects the way Stargirl moves on and strives for a happier world.

True Colours
Melody: The melody of this song has a very hopeful mood, and I find it very motivational. This is the same message that Stargirl tries to bring to the world. Through everything she does, she works to bring happiness, motivation, and hope to everyone she can.
Lyrics: Stargirl is an expert at showing her "true colours", and that's what this song is all about. She breaks social barriers and becomes something everyone is mesmerized by, simply by being her true self. As well, the song talks a lot about being happy and putting on a smile, and Stargirl really strives to do that. Overall, I believe the lyrics fit Stargirl's life perfectly!

Melody: Like many of the other songs on this list, Breakaway has a melody filled with hope and working for success. The verses build hope and emotion, and then its all let free in the chorus where we get an outburst of happiness and hope.
Lyrics: The lyrics speak of breaking free and living large, and this really highlights Stargirl's motives and goals in life, as she hopes to have a big role in life to make life awesome for the world, and she does so by breaking free of social barriers and the status quo.

Just the Way you Are (chorus)
Melody: A positive mood is portrayed in the chorus and an overall sense of fulfilment and hope for the world. Personally, I get an "It's all gonna be alright!" feeling from the chorus, and this is the mood Stargirl tries to bring to everyone around her, even if she may not be feeling that way inside.
Lyrics: The lyrics of this song reflect Stargirl's way of life, as she doesn't mind how others see her, she just goes by the thought that she is beautiful  and amazing just the way she is, both inside and out :)


  1. This is so awesome! What a beautiful voice you have. :) And your uke skills are pretty amazing. This was really creative and I like how you explained how everything connects to Stargirl's life. LOVE IT.

  2. Julia I could not agree with Danika's comment more. You have done an excellent job of connecting the songs back to the novel, and have truly shown that you were "litspired" by Stargirl! Question: did you play the uke before this? Fantastic!

    1. I taught myself how to play in November so that I could play the ukulele in Hawaii :)

  3. To begin with, you're very talented at both singing and playing the ukulele. The songs you chose were expertly chosen to precisely, yet creatively display Stargirl's thoughts. I love the amount of effort you put into making each of the songs because you can clearly tell that you were trying extremely hard in order to make everything perfect! Your idea on to do a "vlog" for your litspiration challenge is very unique! The connections you made between the songs you sung and the thoughts of Stargirl were very clear and I'm glad you included more then just how the lyrics relate to Stargirl. For example, you included how the positive melody had a sense of fulfilment. Not only does your litspiration challenge show how talented you are at both singing and ukelele playing, it also shows how inspired you are about the book Starigirl.Overall your litpiration challenge was very unique, amazing, awesome and creative!

    Lastly, your blog interface is very clean and bookish. The Goodreads grid for your favourite books is fits with your blog nicely. You did a lot of customizations to your blog you make it uniquely yours and yours only (and you chose the best template, which is "watermark"). Overall, your blog is very awesome and you are clearly inspired by literature!

    1. Thank you for such an in-depth comment! Glad you enjoyed :) Nice to know somebody likes my blog, and also nice to know you enjoy my layout and template and stuff

  4. Wow your litspiration challenge is amazing and well thought out + your voice is awesome!

    1. Hi Julia,
      I thought your litsperation challenge was extremely unique. You have an AMAZING voice! I have read this book myself and the connections you made to the book was very well thought out.
      Overall, your whole litsperation blog what really good. Your reviews were very well thought out.
      Good Job!
      -Inaara :)

    2. Thanks Inaara. Glad to hear you thought the connections were good :)


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