Monday, January 07, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (Jan. 8)

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January 8th
Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2013

  1. Read a minimum of 10 classics: I really love classics and find them very inspirational, but sometimes it's hard to commit to a classic when so many new books keep popping up.
  2. Read Lord of the Rings: this is annoying. I really, really want to read this book, yet I can never get the strength to do so! 
  3. Work or volunteer at the library: wouldn't that be awesome? to be able to inspire people to read and help them in their journey of reading? absolutely would be a dream come true!
  4. Cut down on those in-between periods: I honestly waste way too much time not reading, either because I don't have a book I'm into or because I can't decide what to read. Depressing times these are when I am without a good story...
  5. Write at least an hour a week: urg... it's annoying how much I've been slacking off on writing... hopefully I can find ways to fit it into my schedule
  6. Blog post at least twice a week, preferably three times: 'cause its fun and randomly awesome and makes me feel happy :)
  7. Post a vlog post at least once a month, preferably twice: vlogging is even more fun, so I should stop being lazy and do this.
  8. Finish what I start: mainly for writing. I have way too many stories and stuff on the go, but I can never finish them. Same with songs. It drives me crazy. Seriously.
  9. Clean my reading spot before reading, rather than sitting on top of junk: I mean, sometimes I just want to read, not clean up. But sometimes there's stuff piled on my pillow pile, and yet I sit on it anyways. Let's break this habit...
  10. DON'T PROCRASTINATE: that means blog posts, writing, going to the library, and also... don't read when I should be doing homework or something normal people would call "more important. P.S. I've started on this one! After finishing my homework, I did this post, and on Monday, to be ahead of schedule! Yay for me!

Happy New Year, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Sorry. I'm tired. Bye.


    1. I really want to read more classics too! And last year I volunteered at my library and it was really fun! There's just something about being around all of those books that makes me so happy :) Good luck on all of your goals :)

      Here's my Top Ten!

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    3. I strongly agree with your goal to read Lord of The Rings. I'm reading it right now and so far it's awesomely, amazing!!!! For your tenth goal, you should stop procrastinating and read Lord of The Rings :P.


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