Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reading Update

Soo... Yesterday I finished The Declaration by Gemma Malley, which was an intriguing book with a very fresh concept. I'll probably do some sort of challenge for it, but not a review. Coming to the end of one book means... You guessed it, the start of a new book! This time around I'm reading A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass. In my previous post, you may have noted that we have to read and review a book and review it off of someone else's reviews. For my first review of this type, I have chosen A Mango-Shaped Space! I'll be analyzing Alex's thoughts on the book (

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Coming soon...

So, term 1 is over, which means, amazingly, it's term 2. Which means, awesomely, its time for more litspiration!!! However, this term the requirements are a bit different. Keep in mind the word 'requirements'. As in, I had 36 blog posts in term 1, but only 4 were required (3 book reviews, 1 litspiration challenge). This term, you can look forward to...

  • 2 book reviews that are special because they analyze both the book and another persons review on the book
  • 1 vlog (video-blog) post that is an alternative (not a book) review(play, video game, movie, etc.)
  • 1 new litspiration challenge
  • Oh! And a comment on at least five fellow litspiration blogs. We've already done this aspect, and lets just say, you can go to all 101 litspiration blogs and you'll find a comment by me :P
  • Millions of other posts that aren't required, but of course I'll do them anyways

So yes, you should be very excited :P

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hunger Games Tag

It bugs me how long its been since I made a decent post. So here we go. Time to get blogging :P.
What you are about to read (yes, you are going to read it. and all of it, too.) is a tag by Aura at Aura's Book Box on Youtube with questions about the Hunger Games. I'll also give credit to my friend over at, as she did this tag and was the one who inspired me to do it to! So, yeah! Hope you enjoy :)
*Spoilers galore*

Peeta or Gale?
.... I've never liked this question. Is "nobody" an option? I mean, really, Peeta is just too good and practically in a helpless daze, and Katniss always does the work. Gale's awesome. That is, until Mockingjay, when he becomes the biggest jerk after. Every action of his in the final book made me crazy because he became so arrogant and all. And of course, we can never forgive him for Prim's fate. In the end, I'll go with nobody. But if I had to choose, I'd go with Gale, because he is much more brave and adventurous.

Effie's crazy style or sweet and simple like Cinna?
Definitely Cinna. Sorry Effie, but what you wear would give me a headache if I was stuck with your style day after day. And I value comfort, and, oh Effie, you fail in that category. Cinna's style is just so much more natural, down-to-earth, and has that personal flair to it, even if it is simple. But maybe don't set me on fire. I could live without that :P

Life in the Capitol or slug it in the Districts?
Yeah, the Capitol is safe and you live luxuriously and get what you want, but to be honest, the style and society of the Capitol disgusts me. District life seems more real, and like an actual adventure and true life. Sorry but I just couldn't live life so poshly in the Capitol. It. Would. SUCK. Go District 12!

Bread from District 12 or stew from the Capitol?
This is a no brainer, as I LOVE fresh, homemade bread. Besides, although stew and meat are both awesome, I'm not a huge lamb fan. And aside from all that, I'd rather support the District society than the posh Capitol life.

Katniss's archery skills or Cato's knife fighting abilities?
I'd love to say both, but still I have a defiant first choice: archery! Even before reading the books, I thought archery was awesome. My grandparents live in the country and have a bow, so I've actually done archery multiple times. I suck at it. Like, really suck. But still, I love it :P. When reading the books, I was like OMG I WANT THOSE NINJAA SKILLS. If you think about, archery has such a stronger use. Both long and short range. Effective and easily replenished. Ninjaa.  

Peeta's gift of camouflage or Rue's gift of tree-climbing?
TREE CLIMBING. I am already an avid tree climber. Like, tree climbing is one of my favourite hobbies. Literally. So if I had the skill to jump from tree to tree and climb like the ninjaaest ninjaa like Rue, I would be absolutely thrilled. Besides, if you really needed these skills in a real scenario, camouflage takes time and resources, and so tree-climbing is a much better option. Climb a tree. Be a ninjaa. (that should be my motto :P)

Become an Avox or get stung by a tracker jacker?
No speech. No importance. No adventure. No self. Sounds like a pretty horrible life, and so I'm going to go with tracker jacker sting, as the effects would be terrible but luckily they wouldn't last forever. Let's just hope I don't end up like Glimmer...

Join forces with the Careers or run for the Hills?
You will never see me joined up with the Careers. Never. I'd be betraying myself. So be prepared, Hills, I'm running for you :P

Who's cuter? Prim or Rue?
Ok, Prim's cute and pure and embodies innocence, but really, that's it. Rue, she's a ninjaa alongside who unbeatable cuteness! The methods she thinks up and the way she pursues them are just so smart and go along with her spunk that make her a truly cute, loveable character.

Run for the Cornucopia or run for the Hills?

Now this question definitely should allow a compromise. I'm not stupid enough to hunt through the Cornucopia, but am I going to leave without grabbing anything? NO! Look how much that backpack ended up helping Katniss! I'll definitely take a thing or two, but after that, it's the Hills for me. Death isn't my friend :P

Well, that's that and I hope you enjoyed it!!! Feel free to tag me or share tags you've heard of or done because I'm sure I'd love to do them to!
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Wordle #3

I've decided it's time for another blog Wordle!!! Check out my other Wordle posts too, and learn more of what these are all about.

Presenting... my blog, as of Nov. 16/12, in Wordle form...

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Inside Out - Book Review

Inside Out
By Maria V. Snyder
Review by ME!

In a six-sided, metal world where hope equals pain, Scrubs are taught to fight nothing but the dust and rust, the two evils of Inside. Society is corrupted and strict control is kept on everyone. “Curiosity is a fatal trait in here.” (p. 45). Then comes Trella. Too mischievous for her own good, a challenge she couldn’t resist turns into the catalyst for a revolution. By the time she gets a grasp on just how big the puzzle is, the pieces get more complex and require not just her, but rather a whole society willing to revolt.
Corrupted and tyrannous, the society of Inside is designed and conveyed superbly, and the reader is constantly learning more as characters uncover truths that unsettle the whole population. In that, two themes can be seen: overcoming deceitful judgments and the complexity of societal corruption. The array of characters shares this complexity, however Snyder was able to logically juggle every character as a distinct, important individual. Trella, the story’s protagonist, as well as many of her companions, are very relatable even though they live in a totally different world. This connection was strengthened by the old-timers' comments about things like years (compared to Inside’s current week-based calendar) and sweet sixteen into maturity. Speaking of connections, there was some pretty awesome foreshadowing, SPOILER ALERT the instance that intrigued me the most being: “Why was Inside always heated?” (p. 57), which made me think that Inside was located either in a snowy, icy, cold place, or in a void like outer space.  SPOILER OVER However, although most concepts were very well organized, I sometimes found myself having to read a part over to understand things that seemed random; such as the numerous times when Trella was in the pipes and air ducts, then she was there, then she was here, then… wait… she’s where? Action in the book was expertly paced and introduced at the perfect speed, and this brought my view of Snyder’s writing way up, as did the way she justified the success of Trella enough that it didn’t make her seem inhumanly heroic. On a similar note, I was thrilled to find that results weren’t predictable, but rather had a wonderful balance of being unexpected but not cheesy. Having read the summary of the sequel, Outside In, I did know Inside Out’s approximate ending the whole time, but the journey had twists and turns that made me want to read on SO BADLY! So please, help yourself to that same “WOW!” and indulge in Maria Snyder’s phenomenal work of art.

***Please note two things about the spoiler: it may not seem to be one, but it actually is. Secondly, I know spoilers usually aren’t good in book reviews, but I made sure that it doesn’t take away from the review if you don’t read it, but I still included it because it was the best example to put and it really stood out to me when I was reading, so… Hope you don’t mind!

MY RATING: ********`' 8.75/10

Tally vs. Trella - Litspiration Challenge

This is it! My official litspiration challenge! I uh... kind of went overboard and have done three challenges in one! I hope you enjoy :) !

I have recently read a series and then another book which have very similar protagonists. The first is Tally Youngblood, from Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series, which I read this summer. Second is Trella, from Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder, which I just finished reading last weekend. Tally and Trella not only have similar names, but actually have very similar roles in their dystopian societies. So, I decided to do a video on both of the characters, and then a final one comparing them! 

Tally is up first, with a personalized album encompassing her and her adventures.

Now for Trella! Below is a "Day in the life of..." video from her point of view!

And finally, after creating the two previous videos, I recorded my thoughts comparing the similarities and differences of these two characters.

Well, there you have it! Two awesome characters and a look into their lives, plus a comparison! I hope you enjoyed especially were able to gain knowledge in the first videos to help provide depth to the final one.

After learning about these characters, what do you think? Feel free to comment about what you like and dislike and what similarities and differences you can see!

Some Books I've Read

My previous post was explaining my rating system, so I've decided to give you a look at some books I've read and how I would rate them, since I can't do a million book reviews! Note that some of these book I may have read as far back as 4 years ago.

The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan: ********` 8.5/10
The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan: ******** 8/10
The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan: ******* 7/10
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: ********* 9/10
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins: ********* 9/10
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins: *******` 7.5/10
The City of Ember series by Jeanne DuPrau: ******` 6.5/10
Dancing Through the Snow by Jean Little: ******* 7/10
The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer: ******` 6.5/10
Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer: *******` 7.5/10
This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer: ******* 7/10
Tales of the Frog Princess by E.D. Baker: ********` 8.5/10
Wings by E.D. Baker: ********* 9/10
Fairy Lies by E.D. Baker: ******** 8/10
Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine: ******` 6.5/10
Fairest by Gail Carson Levine: ******* 7/10
Feathers by Jacqueline Woodson: ******` 6.5/10
Forbidden City by William Bell: ******* 7/10
Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris: *******`' 7.75/10
Twice Upon a Mariogold by Jean Ferris: *******` 7.5/10
Radiance by Alyson Noel: ******** 8/10
Princess Academy by Shannon Hale: ********* 9/10
Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli: *******` 7.5/10
Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder: ********`' 8.75/10
Uglies by Scott Westerfeld: ********* 9/10
Pretties by Scott Westerfeld: ********` 8.5/10
Specials by Scott Westerfeld: ********* 9/10
Extras by Scott Westerfeld: *********` 9.5/10
HARRY POTTER by J.K. ROWLING: ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** 713/10

Rating My Books

As much as possible, I am going to try and rate the books I read out of ten stars. Yes, I know 5 star ranking is more common, but I find that 10 stars allows a more precise rating. So, some info on the ratings... *the stars on the other side of the fraction indicate what it would be on the 5 star scale.

********** 10/10 ***** Officially the best book in the world. No chance of ever being surpassed. MUST read. If you say you don't like this book, you aren't my friend. 
********* 9/10 ***** Wow. That. Was. AWESOME. LOVED it! MUST read.
******** 8/10 **** Loved it! Check it out!
******* 7/10 **** Pretty cool! Loved it, but maybe a couple flaws.
****** 6/10 *** Good book.
***** 5/10 *** Readable, but...
**** 4/10 ** Can't say I liked it.
*** 3/10 ** Not a fan.
** 2/10 * Don't read it. Just don't. Not worth it.
* 1/10 * DON'T READ THIS! I didn't just not like it, I loathed it.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Stargirl - Book Review

by Jerry Spinelli
Review by ME!

“She laughed when there was no joke. She danced when there was no music. She had no friends, yet she was the friendliest person in school.” (p. 15). She was Stargirl, a bright light illuminating the dull hallways of Mica Area High School. Leo Borlock couldn’t help but be in love. In fact, everyone loved her, and she loved them back even more. Yet as Stargirl’s kindness grew forever stronger, her peers’ notions turned from solicitude to forcing her into solitude. Caught up in love, Leo finds himself shunned alongside Stargirl. Yearning for the acceptance he no longer has but unwilling to let her go, Leo faces a looming possibility: must Stargirl become… normal?

Stargirl brought me into the depths of all emotions, capturing my heart, though leaving it in despair upon reaching the melancholy ending. What I treasured most was the way this timeless story made me THINK. I believe that books shouldn’t just answer our questions; they should make us ask more questions. Jerry Spinelli’s book does just that. I could therefore easily discover the theme of the book: the value and definition of acceptance and popularity. Stargirl Caraway embodies this concept by constantly crushing social barricades with her pioneer skirts, ukulele serenades, and overall eccentricity. On the other hand, Leo Borlock pursues a balancing act with the pressure of needing acceptance from the crowd and his admiration and love for Stargirl. Both characters resonated the term “dynamic” by developing significantly through each other’s values and beliefs. A lot of stock characters are also present and help define the protagonists and their relation to the theme more distinctly. Another element I believed to highlight the theme, setting, and overall tone, was Jerry Spinelli’s writing style, which was quite simplistic. At times I found it to be a bit too much so, but I began seeing how it actually fit the fact that the writing is from high school student Leo’s perspective. The main occurrence of detail in Spinelli’s writing was in the setting, which was developed well enough to make me feel like this truly was a real circumstance. “Star people are rare,” (p. 177), and this book has challenged me to be someone like that and apply Stargirl’s message to my life. I may not have Stargirl’s Arizonan desert to laugh to and make sing, but maybe I can bring melody to the mountains J.

MY RATING: *******` 7.5/10

Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Day in the Life of... Trella!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE reading sections in magazines or whatever that are "days in the life of ___", and have a schedule or something similar. So... I decided to do something similar. In this video, I put myself in Trella's shoes and explain bit about her daily life. In case you're wondering, she's the protagonist of the book I just read, Inside Out.

Music: "Threat" from the Cirque Du Soleil production Ka'. Composers: Martín Lord-Ferguson & René Dupéré