Saturday, September 29, 2012

Radiance - Opening LIne

Opening lines are so important, as they really capture the reader and must sell the book. Therefore, it was no surprise that searching for one of these golden lines was of the library challenges I did. There are many good openings out there, but one that I had recently come across was that from "Radiance", a book by Alyson Noel. So, here it is:
It is more than a sentence, but it is one thought. In fact, the lines are actually the whole first chapter. Though my friend was the one who suggested the book, I was very drawn in and captured by this beginning, which explained a number of things, via creating new questions and mysteries. It encompasses the big theme of the main character's life being cut short, and she must come to realize in the Here & Now (afterlife land) that she must move on as those around her have, and come to accept that she must live and enjoy her new life. 
I wrote this poem very quickly and randomly and haven't at all edited, so please don't judge... 
Stunning blue paints the cover,
greeting my hand as it flips open the front,
revealing the awaiting fantasy inside.
Beige-tinged white fills my sight,
Scrolling beauty encompasses the number 1,
bold words sit below the towering numeral.
The dark lettering is irrestible.
I read it.
"Most people think that death is the end. The end of life - of good times - the end of, well, pretty much everything. But those people are wrong. Dead wrong. And I should know. I died almost a year ago."
Like a hook,
it draws me in.
My mind is ready,
the journey is set.
With questions forming,
i must read on.
This flawless beginning has set the bar
What mysteries are past what I have read so far?
For a mere two days, I lend my soul,
exploring the realms of Here & Now
Joining the afterlife adventure
Looking back, I realize
The opening is everything
Exactly the story:
Accept what has come
It is like the old life, but new
Move one, be true
And by the end, I have one question.
When can I go get the next book?
Opening line of the book "Radiance", by Alyson Noel

Relate to a Character

It's been a while since I posted one, but my entries for the library challenge still aren't over! Here's one about what character(s) I relate to a lot:

I can really relate to both Hermione (from Harry Potter) and Katniss (from the Hunger Games). To start, I am intelligent just like Hermione, and I can't settle for less than 100%. I take pride in work, and see its importance. Also like Hermione, I am very determined and have my mind strongly set. I don't like to break rules, but if I see a good reason why I must, then I do what I've got to do. Hermione and I also share the quality of being somewhat socially awkward, but at the same time, very bold. I can also strongly relate to the time Hermione punches Draco in the face. Those are just the largest reasons, as there are also many, many more ways that I relate to the wise Gryffindor. Now on to Katniss. Like Katniss, I'm very bold and have my goals clear. A lot of people who have only watched the movie and not read the book don't realise that it actually doesn't describe Katniss as being especially pretty, and it is rather the person she is deep down that makes people like her. Essentially, she is on fire (girl on fire). I relate to all of that. I am also a deep thinker like Katniss, and we both question ourselves and our choices a lot. Overall, however, the person that I relate the most to is ME, because I am one of a kind!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Uglies Opening Line - Word Art

My second favourite series of all time is Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and the opening line alone is a favourite too. Such an, err, pleasant? opening. It sets a mood so perfect for the themes and perspectives of the characters and society. So, I decided to represent this opening line in a fun way... word art! Hope you like it!
What's your favourite opening line??? Leave a comment and share!
Also, if you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions on my word art, please comment!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Decode it!

Probably you've gotten tired of these library challenges by now. Well, my answer to that is... too bad! I still have some left, so enjoy them while they last :P. 'Favourite Books'. Pretty boring, hey? Not if you add 'in Codes' to the end! My favourite type of code is concealing my three favourite series, so ask yourself: are you up to the challenge? 

Mystery and codes show up frequently in book plots and ideas, so why not twist it around and make you do some work to figure out my favs? Even if you've been a cheater and looked at my favourite books list, have some fun using your inner detective.

Words, words, wonderful words!

One of my games to play with family and friends is Bananagrams, a game where you must arrange letter tiles to create a crossword. Part of my love for the game is that I learn and learn to use a lot of different words. Then I asked myself a question: why not have a theme??? A literary theme?
So, I have now created my first, which is all about HARRY POTTER!!!! I'll keep on making new ones and expanding the collection, so keep checking back. :)

Making Connections - The Hobbit and a Bookfession

Those of you who have read my book review on The Hobbit will know that I enjoy the classic style by which J.R.R. Tolkien writes (if you haven't read my review, check it out: Well, on one of my frequent visits to, I discovered a 'bookfession' that fits perfectly with my perspective on classic writing styles! Presenting, one of tons of amazing bookfessions from ...

However, I do of course have some exceptions *cough*cough*J.K. Rowling *cough*.

6º Challenge

Guess what? I still have more library posts up my sleeve! :P What is it this time? Well, now the task was to explore the world of book-film adaptations. You know that feeling of "That actor totally fits that character"? This challenge is all about that kind of thing. We had to start with an actor/actress, then connect them to different actors and actresses, to eventually come back to the original actor/actress. It may seem easy, but trust me, its a total RIOT!!! Oh, and to add on another challenge, the point was to try and make as many of the movies the actors are in be book adaptations. So, here you are...

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Hobbit - Book Review

By J.R.R. Tolkien
Review by ME!

Taken away from the contentment of his comfortable hobbit-hole, Bilbo Baggins finds himself alongside dwarves and the great wizard Gandalf on an epic journey to reclaim what has become the desolation of Smaug, the magnificent dragon. Even before reaching the land of their foe, the comrades experience a handful of unexpected bumps along the road, from goblins and trolls to their own wits and ways. What Mr. Baggins feels is pure luck brings him to discover loyalties, truths, and lies, all of which are put into a whirlwind of change as the fantastical adventure unfolds. 

To most, J.R.R. Tolkien means The Lord of the Rings, but before this masterpiece comes The Hobbit. Folklore and adventure form this tale, but behind the veil of fantasy, themes such as self-discovery and evolving loyalties can be uncovered. Just like his descendants, Bilbo Baggins preferred a quiet, average life, but along his journey, we can see his personal evolution into a proactive and adventurous hobbit, revealing the Took side in him. As the book states, This is a story of how a Baggins had an adventure.” Personally, I was engaged by the ironic fact that the character was formed so strongly by the author, although the character himself hadn’t actually discovered his full extent. One of my favourite things in fictional books is having settings and details strong enough to truly take your mind to a different place. I found this more than present throughout this tale, and that is what truly tied me in. Though some may find it too archaic, I really appreciated the strong literary style that Tolkien used. For the most part, it was easy to follow, and yet contained sentence and paragraph structures that most of us wouldn’t normally consider using. Overall there was an intriguing sense of connection between various parts to form the book as a whole, my favourite connection being through Bilbos frequent wishes to be back at home. To all kinds of readers, grab the book, and answer my question: are you ready for a journey?

MY RATING: ******** 8/10

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Library Photobomb

Yet again, a literary library challenge. What did we have to do now? Well, this time the task was to make a picture into an advertisement of books/libraries. I obviously had to do it with Harry Potter, and so I used the cover picture of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as my basis. Some of you may know that Harry should be reaching for a golden egg here. But no! Instead, Harry is now putting all he's got into retrieving his library card!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy my photo bomb :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Hobbit: Finished!

Whew! After 364 pages, I have at last come to the finale of the one, the only, The Hobbit! This masterpiece by J.R.R. Tolkien was fantastic, bringing up some thoughtful themes while still creating a fantastical tale of adventure and folklore. Except for saying that it was amazing, I will leave my analysis to my book review, which will be coming soon!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Hobbit - Word Art

Here I have a wonderful line from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, which I arranged just so. Enjoy :)

Saturday, September 08, 2012


Anybody who has ever used knows just how fun it is to make a wordle. I love them not only for the fun, but also for the awesome concept. They highlight/emphasise more frequent words from what you enter, and you can play around with colours, layouts, and fonts to create something to portray a message (or to be totally random). I've decided to make use of the function where you can enter a blog URL and get a wordle from that, and so I am going to create a wordle whenever I add a pile of posts. So, here we have the first wordle, made just before making this post (as in I made it today)!

Literary Olympics

Surprise, surprise, I have yet another challenge that originated as being for the library event. Now the challenge was to complete an event in the "Literary Olympics". These events were: decathlon (read 10 different genres), marathon (read a loooong book), sprint (read a short book), and relay race (read a book and pass it on to a friend, who passes it on, who passes it on...). My choice was to do the relay race. After all, what better way to read than to do it alongside friends? So, my friend and I got out Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and set out on this intense relay competition! Here's my entry:

Welcome to the 2012 Summer Literary Olympics! Our contestants have trained hard, reading and writing their way to greatness, and now they will compete in numerous challenges in hopes of winning the prize: books and money. With so much at stake, we can be sure these youth will achieve nothing but the best! Multiple weeks have already brought about stunning contests, with some close ties and amazing blow outs. As the sprint comes to a close, we prepare for the next event: the legendary relay race!!! It will be a tough competition, but we can be sure that whatever happens, it will be an outstanding literary experience for all competitors! Now that our sprint results are in, let the relay race begin!
Over here is write4porsche and her teammates. Determination meets with overflowing excitement as they take there beginning stances.
There. The books are out. Let the relay race of the 2012 literary olypmics begin!
Write4porsche's team has there first member reading hard. But its not hard, since it must be such a great book! Lets take a closer look.
Aha! Upon zooming in over the cover of their team's book, we have discovered the name "Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld. A great read, I must say. The dystopian world and theories really make you think. No wonder their team is getting ahead! WOW! It has just been a couple of days, and its time to pass the book on, to write4porsche herself!
After patiently twiddling her thumbs and walking in aimless circles, write4porsche has recieved the book, and with much anticipation. A quick run to the library brings her team yet further ahead, boosted by the intriguing book itself. Write4porsche has her head in the book, barely taking even a second to look up! Whenever she does, we can easily see the pure amazement in her expression!
It seems like she just started, but after some solid reading, write4porsche has contacted her team members, informing them that she has completed the book.
This is where we will end our broadcast. The book will continue its journey, and we can only expect that no matter who wins, everyone will have experienced something AWESOME!!!

My friend had started with the book, and the I read it. After that, I gave the call to my friend's sister, who read it next. Although some time passed after that, three other friends have now either completed or are in the process of completing this series!!! Yay for Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and my favourite, Extras!
As always, thanks for checking out my blog and my posts :P.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Book in a Tweet

When I set out to do this challenge (another one for the library event), I didn't expect it to be nearly so difficult! In the length of a tweet (under 140 characters), I needed to summarize a book. Originally I thought it would be a breeze, but as I began typing phrases and watching the character count go up, up, and up, I knew it would be a challenge. After all, good books contain so many elements that summarizing in just a single sentence or phrase is nearly impossible! However, after many attempts, I was able to make a concise overview of the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld (which, by the way, is a must read). Here is my finished product:

"Tally Youngblood must cure her city and the world of the secret oblivion that everyone receives along with their flawless body"

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

100th Page, 100th Word

Yet again, I have a post that originated as an entry for the library challenge that I have been talking about. For this entry, I had to flip to the 100th page of a book, scan the words, and stop at the 100th word on that page, and record that word. Of course, words like "the", "and", "because", and "for" aren't very intriguing, so a range of a word or two away from number one hundred was acceptable too. Letting my obsession take over, I obviously had to do Harry Potter! Therefore, I went through all 7 books and collected their 100th word on the 100th page!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Imagine - Drawing

Hey there! Once again, I'm posting what was an entry in the library challenge at my local public library! Although I have changed a few things since posting it for that, I have here my literature inspired drawing. All that had to be done was draw anything that was literary: a character, book cover, setting, scene, anything! I decided to compile my overall love of books with this very rough sketch of "Imagination". Out of the books comes three characters: Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen (After winning the 74th Hunger Games), and a fairy, which could be just a generic fairy, or a fairy from one of my favourite books, Wings. In addition, I have phrases and images to go along with the "Imagine" theme. Presenting, my very rough sketch (don't judge)...
rough sketch

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Harry Potter Bulletin Board

As is the case with a number of my entries, this post contains stuff that I did for a library challenge! With this entry, the task was to make a Pinterest or similar board to represent a book, character, place, or anything literary! Naturally, my Harry Potter obsession lead me to see it as the only option for theme. So, below you can see my board which showcases books, Harry Potter figures, and wands that I carved. Enjoy. : )



This is another one of those challenges from my library program!  This time, I have my answers to some thought-provoking questions on a genre that is currently booming in popularity: Dystopia!
For those who are wondering what dystopia is, it is an intriguing genre about futuristic societies with there own pros- and cons.

Do I like dystopia?
Well, I love dystopia books, but that is because I love the books/stories themselves (of those I have read). The actual theme of it actually partly depresses me, as I don't always enjoy thinking of the end of our existence and stuff, and so I think of the books like fantasy if I can, and if I enjoy it, I enjoy it. And generally I really enjoy it. That being said though, it really depends from what perspective the writer views the end of our world, because I don't enjoy it when it seems that the writer fears death and all.

Of all of the dystopia books I have read, which 'end of the world' scenario do I think is the most realistic?
Maybe it is partly because of how convincingly it is described in the book, but the theory in Uglies by Scott Westerfeld actually seems possible. The idea that our world will crumble by our main dependence being destroyed seems all to practical. In the book, it explains how the "Rusties" (us, or who we are to become) create a nano that spreads and makes oil explode upon contact with oxygen/air. When the nano spread, barely anybody escaped because their dependence on the substance had grown so large that they couldn't think of ways around it. Therefore, they were all trying to escape in cars, which obviously went kaboom. Overall, this theory seems very convincing. My explanation and reasoning isn't great though, so read the book!!!!!!!

Why do I think that people are obsessed with the end of the world?
Just as many big obsessions arise, I think our end of the world obsession is largely due to the media. We are constantly made to fear death, and to sense the fall of humanity. With the world apparently coming to an end, this all is catapulted and increases so much more, since many people actually are wondering how we will meet our end. The main concept of it all is truly death, and that is something that most humans have come to fear. But really, isn't it what you do when you are alive that truly matters? Live every day like there's no tomorrow!

What is my favourite dystopia novel?
I'll start by saying that the Hunger Games would be my favourite, if it wasn't for the disappointing finale. Therefore, the unbeatable dystopia novel of our time is UGLIES BY SCOTT WESTERFELD. The series, that is, since Extras, the final instalment, is actually my favourite. All of the concepts in the series and futuristic world have so much depth and it is really something that connects to me and I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDD it soooooo much. Overall, it is my second favourite book/series of all time (Harry Potter will always claim first), and that shows just how great of a story it is. This work of art by Westerfeld is truly mind-blowing. You have not fulfilled life if you haven't read the series. So get to it, because who knows; the end of the world could be right around the corner. :P