Sunday, December 02, 2012

This Post Is Kinda Random

As the title explains, this post is random, but still does have a point. So maybe its not so random. You should read it either way.

If you look at my posts and updates frequently, you'll know that for term two we're doing reviews that both review the book and analyze a peer's review of the book. In doing this, I have come to some amazing realizations. Overall, I really am surprised by how much I am learning from doing the graphic organizer for these, and now I think that if I were to write another normal book review, it would be a million gazillion times better. Why? Well, in reading and analyzing others' reviews, it helps so that i can see what really strengthens a review. I.e. I am noticing a lot how specifics, focuses, and examples are really key. What I mean by this is that saying it was an unforgettable novel is awesome, but what is truly ninjaa is when you explain how a certain aspect was unforgettable or made the novel unforgettable. Depth and detail!

Anyways, keep checking back for more posts and random thoughts and updates and all that good stuff. Meanwhile, read a good book!
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K. There. My randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed :)

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