Saturday, November 03, 2012

Rating My Books

As much as possible, I am going to try and rate the books I read out of ten stars. Yes, I know 5 star ranking is more common, but I find that 10 stars allows a more precise rating. So, some info on the ratings... *the stars on the other side of the fraction indicate what it would be on the 5 star scale.

********** 10/10 ***** Officially the best book in the world. No chance of ever being surpassed. MUST read. If you say you don't like this book, you aren't my friend. 
********* 9/10 ***** Wow. That. Was. AWESOME. LOVED it! MUST read.
******** 8/10 **** Loved it! Check it out!
******* 7/10 **** Pretty cool! Loved it, but maybe a couple flaws.
****** 6/10 *** Good book.
***** 5/10 *** Readable, but...
**** 4/10 ** Can't say I liked it.
*** 3/10 ** Not a fan.
** 2/10 * Don't read it. Just don't. Not worth it.
* 1/10 * DON'T READ THIS! I didn't just not like it, I loathed it.


  1. Harry Potter= 713 infinity stars :)

  2. Good job I like how you rate your books but thats your opinion but how will other people rate it?

    1. ? I don't understand what your question is asking

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  4. I really liked the way you rate your books... Although I think that if you put more detail into the ratings it would be easier for myself and others to understand your system. :)

    1. Thank you for your suggestion :). I will eventually add more detail to this list, as I definitely see what you are saying about how my rating system "descriptors" are very personalized.


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