Saturday, November 24, 2012

Coming soon...

So, term 1 is over, which means, amazingly, it's term 2. Which means, awesomely, its time for more litspiration!!! However, this term the requirements are a bit different. Keep in mind the word 'requirements'. As in, I had 36 blog posts in term 1, but only 4 were required (3 book reviews, 1 litspiration challenge). This term, you can look forward to...

  • 2 book reviews that are special because they analyze both the book and another persons review on the book
  • 1 vlog (video-blog) post that is an alternative (not a book) review(play, video game, movie, etc.)
  • 1 new litspiration challenge
  • Oh! And a comment on at least five fellow litspiration blogs. We've already done this aspect, and lets just say, you can go to all 101 litspiration blogs and you'll find a comment by me :P
  • Millions of other posts that aren't required, but of course I'll do them anyways

So yes, you should be very excited :P

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