Friday, October 05, 2012

Bibliophilic Contentment

With so many books out there, some wonderful, some horrible, and some so so, it's always a struggle to decide on books to read. Time is of the essence, so I LOVE knowing what books I plan to read, because then I can jump right into a new world, and then feel accomplishment when I finish books on my list. Lately, I've been obsessing over, forming a clearer understanding of what books I want to read. With an ever-growing and already lengthy to-read list, I finally got around to sort of organising it. Fall break is right in front of me, and I can't wait to sit on my pillow pile, on the couch, or on a bench surrounded by trees, reading books, books, and more books! So, the master short-term list is.......

  1. Life As We Knew It -Susan Beth Pfeffer
  2. The Dead and the Gone -Susan Beth Pfeffer
  3. This World We Live In -Susan Beth Pfeffer
  4. Stargirl -Jerry Spinelli
  5. Love, Stargirl -Jerry Spinelli
  6. Inside Out -Maria V. Snyder
  7. Outside In -Maria V. Snyder
  8. The Declaration -Gemma Malley
  9. Blood Red Road -Moira Young
  10. Divergent -Veronica Roth
  11. Insurgent -Veronica Roth
Oh, and I forgot to mention! Not only do I have a wonderful list of wonderful books, I have a reason to make frequent trips to the library! I've already gotten the first 5, plus Blood Red Road, and so I'm all set, but I will of course enjoy the journey to the library when it comes time to return what I have read, and pick up more!!! Always so exciting! 

Do you have a concrete book list? Share it!


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  3. Would this be counted as one of your challenges? I know you wouldn't pick it but just curious.


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