Saturday, September 08, 2012

Literary Olympics

Surprise, surprise, I have yet another challenge that originated as being for the library event. Now the challenge was to complete an event in the "Literary Olympics". These events were: decathlon (read 10 different genres), marathon (read a loooong book), sprint (read a short book), and relay race (read a book and pass it on to a friend, who passes it on, who passes it on...). My choice was to do the relay race. After all, what better way to read than to do it alongside friends? So, my friend and I got out Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and set out on this intense relay competition! Here's my entry:

Welcome to the 2012 Summer Literary Olympics! Our contestants have trained hard, reading and writing their way to greatness, and now they will compete in numerous challenges in hopes of winning the prize: books and money. With so much at stake, we can be sure these youth will achieve nothing but the best! Multiple weeks have already brought about stunning contests, with some close ties and amazing blow outs. As the sprint comes to a close, we prepare for the next event: the legendary relay race!!! It will be a tough competition, but we can be sure that whatever happens, it will be an outstanding literary experience for all competitors! Now that our sprint results are in, let the relay race begin!
Over here is write4porsche and her teammates. Determination meets with overflowing excitement as they take there beginning stances.
There. The books are out. Let the relay race of the 2012 literary olypmics begin!
Write4porsche's team has there first member reading hard. But its not hard, since it must be such a great book! Lets take a closer look.
Aha! Upon zooming in over the cover of their team's book, we have discovered the name "Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld. A great read, I must say. The dystopian world and theories really make you think. No wonder their team is getting ahead! WOW! It has just been a couple of days, and its time to pass the book on, to write4porsche herself!
After patiently twiddling her thumbs and walking in aimless circles, write4porsche has recieved the book, and with much anticipation. A quick run to the library brings her team yet further ahead, boosted by the intriguing book itself. Write4porsche has her head in the book, barely taking even a second to look up! Whenever she does, we can easily see the pure amazement in her expression!
It seems like she just started, but after some solid reading, write4porsche has contacted her team members, informing them that she has completed the book.
This is where we will end our broadcast. The book will continue its journey, and we can only expect that no matter who wins, everyone will have experienced something AWESOME!!!

My friend had started with the book, and the I read it. After that, I gave the call to my friend's sister, who read it next. Although some time passed after that, three other friends have now either completed or are in the process of completing this series!!! Yay for Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and my favourite, Extras!
As always, thanks for checking out my blog and my posts :P.

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