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This is another one of those challenges from my library program!  This time, I have my answers to some thought-provoking questions on a genre that is currently booming in popularity: Dystopia!
For those who are wondering what dystopia is, it is an intriguing genre about futuristic societies with there own pros- and cons.

Do I like dystopia?
Well, I love dystopia books, but that is because I love the books/stories themselves (of those I have read). The actual theme of it actually partly depresses me, as I don't always enjoy thinking of the end of our existence and stuff, and so I think of the books like fantasy if I can, and if I enjoy it, I enjoy it. And generally I really enjoy it. That being said though, it really depends from what perspective the writer views the end of our world, because I don't enjoy it when it seems that the writer fears death and all.

Of all of the dystopia books I have read, which 'end of the world' scenario do I think is the most realistic?
Maybe it is partly because of how convincingly it is described in the book, but the theory in Uglies by Scott Westerfeld actually seems possible. The idea that our world will crumble by our main dependence being destroyed seems all to practical. In the book, it explains how the "Rusties" (us, or who we are to become) create a nano that spreads and makes oil explode upon contact with oxygen/air. When the nano spread, barely anybody escaped because their dependence on the substance had grown so large that they couldn't think of ways around it. Therefore, they were all trying to escape in cars, which obviously went kaboom. Overall, this theory seems very convincing. My explanation and reasoning isn't great though, so read the book!!!!!!!

Why do I think that people are obsessed with the end of the world?
Just as many big obsessions arise, I think our end of the world obsession is largely due to the media. We are constantly made to fear death, and to sense the fall of humanity. With the world apparently coming to an end, this all is catapulted and increases so much more, since many people actually are wondering how we will meet our end. The main concept of it all is truly death, and that is something that most humans have come to fear. But really, isn't it what you do when you are alive that truly matters? Live every day like there's no tomorrow!

What is my favourite dystopia novel?
I'll start by saying that the Hunger Games would be my favourite, if it wasn't for the disappointing finale. Therefore, the unbeatable dystopia novel of our time is UGLIES BY SCOTT WESTERFELD. The series, that is, since Extras, the final instalment, is actually my favourite. All of the concepts in the series and futuristic world have so much depth and it is really something that connects to me and I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDD it soooooo much. Overall, it is my second favourite book/series of all time (Harry Potter will always claim first), and that shows just how great of a story it is. This work of art by Westerfeld is truly mind-blowing. You have not fulfilled life if you haven't read the series. So get to it, because who knows; the end of the world could be right around the corner. :P

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