Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Hobbit

To many, the name 'J.R.R. Tolkien' brings about the legendary Lord of the Rings. However, there is actually another book that comes before the Lord of the Rings, and that book is The Hobbit. Filled with adventure, gripping action and endless chapters that make you want to read more, this book is truly a gem.

This post isn't a book review, but rather a reflection of the book that I will be adding to and updating when I want to.

Upon opening the cover, the first thing I am always intrigued by is Thror's map, which is actually supported by yet another map at the back! A couple days ago I forgot to bring the book to school, so I signed out a copy from the school library. And guess what it said? J.R.R. Tolkien was actually an amateur artist, and so he drew these maps along with illustrations of the novel. Amazing! This is the kind of thing that is so cool to know about, because it adds a whole new level of depth to the work.

Well, now I've read more, and although I can't say too much unless I want to give things away, I definitely should say that I am AMAZED. This has lately been mainly due to the fact that the way Tolkien creates and solves the events and problems in the story is incredible! By making a structure of success and failure that isn't repetitive, he creates a plot that is unpredictable but doesn't get thrown off balance and become confusing or annoying. For me, seeing this in books is awesome, as if it is not there, I find myself struggling to want to read on. I still have more to read, so check back, and I'll keep  you posted. :)

Keep checking back on this post, as I will keep updating it!

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  1. That is really, really cool! I never knew this before, despite having read the Hobbit. Glad you share d this info!


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