Friday, August 31, 2012

Making Connections - Harry Potter

Since Harry Potter is my all-time favourite series, I often connect with the world of Harry Potter in my own life and what I like to do.

Just today (August 31), a classmate shared a link with me that is about the Invisibility Cloak, which is obviously something that brings about many questions since, seeing as it is such a rare and mysterious thing! Well, according to this article, some scientists figured out a strategy for bending light to conceal things like the Invisibility Cloak does! Check it out:

Also, a while ago my friend showed me another connection to the Wizarding World: Harry Potter related university courses! I find this really cool, as although not all are specifically about the world of Harry Potter, they were using related things based around this piece of literature, and using it in university level education!

Last but not least, last year in school we were studying structures, and two of my friends did the iconic Alnwick Castle! This breath-taking building is of course the castle of the Harry Potter movies. Just think. Wouldn't it be awesome to be studying Hogwarts for your science project? Awesome!

All of this goes to show just how powerful literature is. When books and stories can relate to daily life, it really makes you think about the roots of things. Go Harry Potter! And J.K. Rowling! : )


  1. Thanks for the awesome info & connections! Here is the link I showed you regarding the college courses. Hope everyone enjoys!

  2. Those people who researched Hogwarts must be pretty cool!


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